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What is CommuniTEA Table?

Communitea Table is a space created to amplify diverse voices. It is a tight-knit community of humans that are beautifully open and unapologetically themselves. This is a space where we can share our stories and talk about our experiences to bridge the gap between us over a hot cup of tea. 

Communitea Table aims to be the leading platform in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region that bridges the gap between different cultures and promotes peace and understanding. The monthly conversations and workshops are extremely interesting and real. Everyone is welcome and there will always be a seat for you at the Communitea table.

Esraa Bani, Founder & CommuniTEA Host

Sudanese-American working mom of three. Free Spirit. Idea Curator. Cultural Storyteller. Parenting advocate and a builder of parenting communities. Her brain moves faster than her body can go. You can most likely find her sipping tea while reading a book or creating beautiful bullet journal layouts. 


CommuniTEA Projects

2021 Project // Khartoum, Sudan "Khali Dawa"

This is a public community art undertaking that aims to rekindle hope, and raise public morale. The focus of the project will be a central square in Al Souq Al Arabi in downtown Khartoum, which will be cleaned, repainted and further developed as a small hub to showcase diverse art traditions from all over Sudan. Central to this project is a core group of tea sellers that give the square vibrance, and this undertaking is done in partnership with them. To highlight their central role in Sudanese society, the project hopes to secure enough additional funding to erect a statue as a dedication to tea sellers. This project is being brought to life through a collaborative community undertaking that includes Downtown Hotel & Art Gallery, Sudanese Peace Music Festival, Esraa the Founder of Communitea Table (and Crossing My Teas), and other community enthusiasts. 

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